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My name is Mikayla! I'm a 22 year old University Graduate with a passion for all things beauty. I stumbled into the online beauty community a year ago and have been obsessed with youtube videos and blogs ever since. After watching hundreds of videos over the past year I figured it was about time I joined the community and posted my own thoughts in my own little space. I'm also recently graduated, unemployed and headed for college in September.

I really enjoy all things beauty, and I really like telling my friends what I think about products so writing them down just felt natural. To me, make up isn't something that you wear to make yourself look prettier, it's something you do on yourself for yourself. It has the power to give you strength to tackle a rough day, the courage to find your inner confidence and sparkle like every girl is meant too.

Other than beauty, I love fashion. Beauty and Fashion are the keys to my heart, along with a great deal. I'm all about a decent deal, and budget shopping is my favourite.

I can't wait to start this journey with the internet and all of you!


Just a general disclaimer:

I am not a professional makeup artist, I am completely self taught, any posts on beauty products are purely personal opinion and should not be taken as fact.

Beauty items shown on this blog are purchased by myself, or as a gift from family members.

Any and all reviews on products are based on my opinions alone.

Girls Wearing Makeup?

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Recently my Facebook timeline experienced a little bit of a trend where a couple of guys had shared photos about girls who wear too much makeup, and how they felt that if you look like a different person with or without makeup, it was almost like lying. To which one of my girl friends was like "Gold eyelids are not normal" and I really felt like this is a discussion that is coming to be more popular, with things like the beauty community on youtube, or blogs and instagram.

I started wearing makeup because I competitively figured skated for a number of years, and like any artistic sport, the use of makeup is to help tell the story. I needed to have bold makeup that would be visible to the judges from the ice, but also that helped tell the story of the music I was skating too. (A girl I knew skated to Phantom of the Opera and wore the mask, we were cavemen for one number and used black eyeshadow to look like cavemen).

As I got older, I started wearing makeup for more of an extension of the features I liked, while taking away from features I didn't. For a while this consisted of wearing liquid foundation in an attempt to tone down my freckles. As I've continued to grow, not just in age but also in comfort with myself, I've stopped trying to hide my freckles, and instead where colours that bring out the colour of my eyes.

The whole argument that girls who wear full glam makeup are lying to the male population is frustrating to me, I think it is fairly common sense that a girl does not have a hunter green outter v, or sparkly lips. And she isn't lying by presenting this to the world either, personally I do my makeup based on how I am feeling, or the event, if I'm feeling really crappy one day maybe my makeup reflects that, but if I feel like a boss it surely represents that.

The point of makeup, in my opinion, is to apply some confidence right to your face, and the power makeup has on a persons self esteem, as well as the artistic ability that it requires, should not be considered lying, but instead a wonderful image.

What are your thoughts on this argument?

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