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My name is Mikayla! I'm a 22 year old University Graduate with a passion for all things beauty. I stumbled into the online beauty community a year ago and have been obsessed with youtube videos and blogs ever since. After watching hundreds of videos over the past year I figured it was about time I joined the community and posted my own thoughts in my own little space. I'm also recently graduated, unemployed and headed for college in September.

I really enjoy all things beauty, and I really like telling my friends what I think about products so writing them down just felt natural. To me, make up isn't something that you wear to make yourself look prettier, it's something you do on yourself for yourself. It has the power to give you strength to tackle a rough day, the courage to find your inner confidence and sparkle like every girl is meant too.

Other than beauty, I love fashion. Beauty and Fashion are the keys to my heart, along with a great deal. I'm all about a decent deal, and budget shopping is my favourite.

I can't wait to start this journey with the internet and all of you!


Just a general disclaimer:

I am not a professional makeup artist, I am completely self taught, any posts on beauty products are purely personal opinion and should not be taken as fact.

Beauty items shown on this blog are purchased by myself, or as a gift from family members.

Any and all reviews on products are based on my opinions alone.

Makeup Detox

Monday, 11 May 2015

I'm Baaaack, officially this time. And to kick things off, I thought I would share what I've been doing while I've been offline. For the last couple of weeks I've been really struggling with the direction I wanted my blog to go, and if I really wanted it to go anywhere. I really enjoy makeup and beauty stuff, the girly girl stuff if you will but that isn't only what I enjoy, I'm a bit of a History nerd, a book worm, and a netflix addict, somedays I don't even put makeup on. So for the past couple of weeks I've been on a Makeup Detox.

By makeup detox, I mean I don't think I've put concealer on in a week. It stemmed I think when I had to quickly leave because a family member was ill she's luckily 100% percent better and it is very relieving but in the 5 minutes I threw my things into a bag and into the car, makeup was hardly my concern. I grabbed a couple essentials that I  had no idea if they matched, and it was as I was walking out the door that I remembered my tooth brush. While grabbing that I grabbed a concealer and mascara and a lip balm, no brushes, no eyelash curlers nothing. And it was as I was driving and thinking about it that I realized that makeup and beauty is something I enjoy, and I enjoy writing about, but it is not my only passion.

When I got back home, I went through my makeup something I had been meaning to do for months and was really harsh with what I was going to keep, other than a few good black eyeliners, I have nothing else that is the same colour. I've kept a couple products that are more for memory or because they are limited editions MAC Archie Collection I'm looking at you. I have to say that I feel a lot better about the amount of makeup I have, and find it a lot more manageable!

It was a really good stress reliever to purge my collection a bit and focus more on what I use.

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