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My name is Mikayla! I'm a 22 year old University Graduate with a passion for all things beauty. I stumbled into the online beauty community a year ago and have been obsessed with youtube videos and blogs ever since. After watching hundreds of videos over the past year I figured it was about time I joined the community and posted my own thoughts in my own little space. I'm also recently graduated, unemployed and headed for college in September.

I really enjoy all things beauty, and I really like telling my friends what I think about products so writing them down just felt natural. To me, make up isn't something that you wear to make yourself look prettier, it's something you do on yourself for yourself. It has the power to give you strength to tackle a rough day, the courage to find your inner confidence and sparkle like every girl is meant too.

Other than beauty, I love fashion. Beauty and Fashion are the keys to my heart, along with a great deal. I'm all about a decent deal, and budget shopping is my favourite.

I can't wait to start this journey with the internet and all of you!


Just a general disclaimer:

I am not a professional makeup artist, I am completely self taught, any posts on beauty products are purely personal opinion and should not be taken as fact.

Beauty items shown on this blog are purchased by myself, or as a gift from family members.

Any and all reviews on products are based on my opinions alone.

Keeping Hydrated for Winter & Giveaway!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Winter is a great season, the snow is pretty, Christmas is wonderful, but it's cold, especially in the area I live last winter the coldest was -32 Celsius which is very drying for the skin. My skin gets very dry in the winter, which isn't fun- actually it's quite painful sometimes. 

Amie Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturizer  I was sent this product by the wonderful people at Amie to try, and I am in love. I am very quickly falling in love with this brand- the price, the product, the packaging- everything. This stuff is wonderful, it's moisturizer, and light enough to use both day and night, and isn't terribly greasy either. It's made of natural ingredients so it isn't harmful to the skin, and it hasn't broken me out. It's incredibly soothing to my skin as it gets colder and dryer. 

The Face Shop Cucumber Face Mask  I've talked before about my discovery of The Face Shop, and this mask is great! I've stocked up quite a few of these masks- they are paper masks, and they are the only ones I've used so I can't compare them to anything else, but the amount of oil that comes in this package is insane- almost to the point that I have to drain it into my garbage can or it would drip down my neck. I keep it on for 10-15 minutes. My face feels instantly more hydrated and I feel like it shows as well. 

NeoStrata Aqua Youth Eye Cream  I was given this product when I went to the NeoStrata event at Master Card World Fashion Week in Toronto, and I really like it, it's light but packs a punch, since it's an eye cream it isn't supposed to be heavy but it works, and it helps combat wrinkles and such which is a bonus to it also being a great moisturizer for around the eyes. 

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue  This is a holy grail. I'm not a big fan of the regular baby lips line, I don't find they meet the promise of 8 hours of moisture.. but this stuff is insane. I absolutely adore this. I've been using this particular tube for over a year (not really in the warmer months) and I haven't lost it- which should speak for itself.. I lose everything, all the time. It's medicated so you are only supposed to use it 2-3 times a day, but it's instantly soothing for dry cracked lips and on top of that they have tinted versions so you aren't sacrificing colour for comfort which I think is a treat!


The wonderful people at Amie have generously agreed to do a small giveaway for the readers of my blog! The contest is open internationally and will run until New Years Eve!
Good luck! :)

This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been contacted, thanks to all who entered! 

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