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My name is Mikayla! I'm a 22 year old University Graduate with a passion for all things beauty. I stumbled into the online beauty community a year ago and have been obsessed with youtube videos and blogs ever since. After watching hundreds of videos over the past year I figured it was about time I joined the community and posted my own thoughts in my own little space. I'm also recently graduated, unemployed and headed for college in September.

I really enjoy all things beauty, and I really like telling my friends what I think about products so writing them down just felt natural. To me, make up isn't something that you wear to make yourself look prettier, it's something you do on yourself for yourself. It has the power to give you strength to tackle a rough day, the courage to find your inner confidence and sparkle like every girl is meant too.

Other than beauty, I love fashion. Beauty and Fashion are the keys to my heart, along with a great deal. I'm all about a decent deal, and budget shopping is my favourite.

I can't wait to start this journey with the internet and all of you!


Just a general disclaimer:

I am not a professional makeup artist, I am completely self taught, any posts on beauty products are purely personal opinion and should not be taken as fact.

Beauty items shown on this blog are purchased by myself, or as a gift from family members.

Any and all reviews on products are based on my opinions alone.

My Skin Care Favourites!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I have been blessed by the genetic gods with fairly easy to manage skin, I have sensitive skin that doesn't agree with harsher water (it makes me itchy) and the usual winter dry skin. Throughout my teen years I was ridiculously lucky that my definition of acne was a pimple or two a month, usually around my nose or chin.

That was it, in High School I ignored my parents and NEVER took my makeup off, which was terrible- and now even 4 years since I graduated High School I am so displeased with myself. Because I didn't have a problematic complexion, or issues with oil and pimples etc. I justified not taking it off, and falling asleep with it on almost every night.

Since then I have learnt from my bad habits. I wash my face at least every night, and in the shower as well. I experimented and found a reasonably affordable system that really works on my face, it keeps it soft and even though I never had issues with pimples, my one or two has turned into only one. It was really hard for me to get into the habit of washing my face every night because for so long I hadn't, now it's my nightly ritual- me, my ipod, washing my face, and dancing in the bathroom- I actually look forward to it.

Sure, some nights I might not do the whole shebang, infact there has for sure been nights I've accidentally fallen asleep with my makeup on, and let me tell yah, the next morning my skin is not too impressed with me.

That's my skin story, now onto my skin care routine.

I keep everything I use to wash my face in this basket that I got from Dollarama, I use the basket because I go in between the bathroom upstairs (where my bedroom is) and the shower downstairs (where the beauty corner is). Having it all in one place ensures I will use it, and the storage is really great for keeping it all together.

Sephora Brand Cleansing Oil This baby was $17 for the bottle, which I think is a reasonable price granted you need literally a pump of this to remove all your makeup. It is the first oil I have used to remove my makeup, and I like it so much I don't think regular makeup remover will EVER be an option again. I might be a little weird but I love watching my makeup break up and almost like melt off my face. After it's all rubbed into my face, I splash some warm water on it and wipe it off.

Cotton Rounds I got these from Walmart or something, I keep them in an old candle cup (I removed the wax) to keep them separated from the rest of my routine, I use these to wipe off the Cleansing Oil and the stuff that comes off it is crazy! Any cotton rounds work, I never know which ones I'm using, because I take whichever ones are on sale.

Garnier + Gel Cleanser This is the only product I use for a specific reason, I only use this product on my T-Zone, because it's the only place that is where I get pimples (usually on my chin) and around my nose gets dry, especially in the winter. I got this from Shoppers Drugmart for $9.99 on sale, I believe the regular price is around the $11 mark. The grapefruit and pomegranate anti-oxidants really do make your skin smoother. It also smells really good, I may have gotten some in my mouth... it doesn't taste like how it smells. I promise.

Olay Fresh Effects Shine Shine Go Away This cleanser is used all over my face with the handy little scrubber guy. It suds up really nice, and the batter operated scrubber really gets into your pores and gets everything out. It gently exfoliates, and makes my skin really soft- my old roommate would come up to me and rub my cheeks, until she bought her own. The starter kit retails for $18, which includes a tester of the cleanser, the cleanser on it's own it $9. Overall I've been using this system for a year and I love it. It's also a cheaper alternative (way cheaper) than something like the Clarisonic- that would be a little expensive given how uncomplicated my skin is.

LUSH Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water I love how cooling this is, when I spray it on my face I always get a little chill, you know the good kind, the kind you crave in the summer? It's also really soothing, and it makes me feel a little better about scrubbing my face. It also promotes balanced skin, which I already have, I use this to keep it balanced. I especially love this after using a mask or something really abrasive like LUSH's Ocean Salt.

LUSH Grease Lightning My go to spot treatment. I use this only on areas where I have a pimple, the Tea Tree Oil is awesome for preventing and treating pimples, it is my go to in pimple emergencies. Hands down.

Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture, it's cooling, silicone based and super moisturizing, I use this all over my face and always love the way it feels, you can for sure feel it working the next morning, with how soft your skin is.

I also keep a face cloth in my basket, just to have ready, because I am for sure that person that forgets towels when entering the shower.. I also REALLY hate the feeling of water dripping down my face and neck, so I need this for emergency can't handle it moments.

My lazy one step product. I have gotten into the habit of washing my face every night, but let's say I go out one night, or I've had a long day and am about to crash the second I hit my bed, I reach for LUSH 9-5. This product is great for not needing water, being cleansing, and moisturizing all in 1. Just rub on your face, look like a raccoon, use a cotton round to wipe it off and you're done. I cannot tell you the times I've done this.. in bed, as I'm falling asleep.

Those are my products for my skin care routine, what are yours? Tell me your go to's in the comments!

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At 15 May 2014 at 05:41 , Anonymous Alexandra Lif said...

Wow such a nice thorough regimen! I love, LOVE LUSH products so much and tea tree oil is a total gift to us girls, it can be used for so many things and its generally just so good for us! I love the ''lazy multi use'' final product.. I have never heard of anything like it before, I wish I had a lush near me!!

At 23 May 2014 at 11:38 , Anonymous Mikayla Sheard said...

I don't have a lush near me, whenever I have ordered online I have had a really good customer experience with them! Granted I did a lot of research before buying anything online!


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